Frequently Asked Questions

1.  How do I create an account?

Click on login in the top right corner of the page and then select First Time Here, Create New Account.  Fill out the required fields and the submit it.  You will receive a confirmation e-mail of your registration (check your junk/spam folder for this as well) and follow the instructions in the e-mail.  You may then login and enrol yourself into the training of your choice by selecting the students tab at the top of the page.  If doing Security or Investigator Training, you must select part I to start the first couple of modules at no cost.  

2. Is this training recognized by the Alberta Solicitor General's Office?

Yes, the Solicitor General's office has reviewed and accepted this course as valid training. Once you've successfully passed the Provincial exam at the end of this course, you will then be eligible for licensing.


 3. How long should it take to complete this training?

Students should spend approximately 40 hours for the security training and 60 hours for professional investigator training. Students in this online system have access to the online content for 12 months following payment for part II. We offer the first 2 of 7 modules of the security training and the first 3 of 9 modules of investigator training at no cost to you.  This gives you the opportunity to review those and decide if on-line works for you or not before committing to payment.  Once payment for part II is received, we do not issue refunds.


4. I don't have a Paypal account, how can I pay without Paypal? 

Paypal does not require you have an account to use them. Paypal accepts credit cards directly, so you can enter your credit card information directly in to Paypal when the time comes. We use Paypal to handle online payments as they're specialized in secure online payments, this helps protect our learners from potential risks. If you like, you can call us to pay and we'll take your credit card information over the phone.


5. Do I have to come to Calgary to write my exam?

No; we have been approved by the government to conduct on-line exams.  You must have a camera and microphone to choose this option.  If you still prefer an in person exam, we do them at our campus in Calgary and have over 80 sites across the province to choose from.  All information about the provincial exam can be found in part II of the training.

6. How long does it take to get the results back after writing the exam?

You can expect to be contacted with your results within 1 - 2 business days. 


7. How do I get my license?

Once successful on the exam, you will receive a 'Proof of Training' document from Columbia College as well as an Official Certificate of Completion from the Solicitor General's office in Edmonton.

To attain your license, you must then apply for it with the Alberta Solicitor General's Office with your proof of training document from us or you can use an approved Registry Office with your official Certificate of Completion. This information is listed under Licensing right before Module 1 in part I of the course.


8. How long does it take to get my license once I have passed the exam and submitted my documents?

It can take up to 3-4 weeks to receive your ID card from the Solicitor General's office; however if you are able to use a Registry Office you will receive a same day 60 day temporary license to use until your ID card is sent to you. It is possible to ask the employer that you will be working for to apply for an E-License for you, but they are not required to. This is an electronic submission of your application and you will get a temporary license within 1 week. This E-license submission can be done before you send your original application and documents to the Solicitor General's office. You must have taken the training and have your Police Information Check completed before you can apply for your license. 


9. Can I work as a Security Guard while I complete my training?

A business licensee (employers) may apply for a training license on behalf of an individual employee. Individuals may not apply for this class of license on their own. This license is designed to allow individuals to receive on-the-job training and commence employment while completing mandatory training and provincial examination requirements. It is a 30-day individual license for any license class, except locksmith. These licenses are one-time only and individuals may never receive a second training license.


10. Internet Explorer Users: I am having issues opening some of the pages, what can I do?

Google Chrome ( or Mozilla Firefox ( work best for our training website.  If you still prefer to use Internet Explorer, see below.

This site requires the GCF plugin. You may install it for free by following this link. If you're still having problems, follow the steps below.

i.) Open Internet Explorer and then click on Tools and then Internet Options

ii.) Click on the security tab and then trusted sites and then the word Sites; add the following website:

iii.) Close that and then click on the Privacy Tab; under Pop-Up-Blocker click settings and add the website address again.

iv.) This will now allow your computer to accept the security training website as a safe site and you should be able to open everything.


11.  How many times am I allowed to write my exam if I fail?

You may write your exam as many times as necessary until you pass.  The Solicitor General's office will determine when you have written too many times.  They have indicated that 5 or 6 times may be the maximum, but nothing is set in stone.  What they are looking for is to see if you are getting better results each time you write. Please keep in mind that you must pass your exam within 2 years of your training otherwise you may need to do the training again as it is only valid for 2 years.  Once you apply for your license, you may renew the license every 2 years and are not required to re-do the training.  If your license expires, you may not renew, but you may apply for a brand new license using your Certificate of Completion from the government.  

Last modified: Friday, 9 September 2022, 9:07 AM