Security and Professional Investigator Training available here

This site has both the Alberta Basic Security Training (ABST) and Professional Investigator Training available for on-line.  To access either of these course do the following:

Create a New Account; once this is done you will be sent a confirmation e-mail; follow the instructions in that e-mail and then login with the username and password you set up and enrol yourself in either the Basic Security Training Part I or Professional Investigator Training Part I and start the course.  Should you not be able to log in after receiving confirmation it may be that your e-mail provider deleted part of the confirmation message thinking it was SPAM; if this is the case contact the Security Services Unit at the e-mail or number listed below for assistance.You will have access to the first 2 modules for security and the first 3 modules for investigator at which time you will be asked to submit payment to continue.

For security the cost is a $110 exam administration fee plus a sitting fee that will be due on the day your write your exam. This additional fee shouldn't be more than about $25 - $35 at most sites and Calgary charges $20; most of our exam locations are listed under Provincial Exam in part II of the course.  More sites can be added, so if your location is not listed please ask to see where else you may be able to write.

For professional investigator the cost is $225.  As with security there will be an additional sitting fee due on the day you attend your exam and all of our sites are listed under Provincial Exam in part II of the course.  

Should you have any additional questions regarding either of these course, please don't hesitate to contact us at or in Calgary and area at 403-235-9321; outside Calgary 1-888-235-9370 ext. 321.  

Last modified: Monday, 24 January 2022, 12:00 PM