Security Guard Program

Alberta Basic Security Training Program

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Begin your online Alberta Security Training program at today for free.

You're only required to pay for your final exam.

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Study on your own schedule

Read the course material and then practice your understanding with frequent practice quizzes.

After completing the first two modules, pay the $110 exam fee and continue on to the remaining modules.

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Write your exam

Once you've paid the $110 & completed the last modules of the course, you may book your exam at any of a wide number of exam locations.

If you need to rewrite your exam, you may do so for $50.
Note that some exam locations charge a sitting fee.
Additional exam locations may be available upon request.

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Receive proof of training

Upon successful completion of your exam, you will receive your proof of training certificate from us.

With your certificate, you can then apply for you license from the Alberta Solicitor's Office. (Here's a link to their site)

After you apply for your license, it can take up to 1 month to receive your ID card from the Solicitor General's office.

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A great track record

Typically 88% - 92% of our students pass the exam on their first attempt.

The province's average success rate for all classroom training is about 75% who pass on their first attempt.

Start for free

The Online ABST Program is free to start

Study on your own time

Study the online materials in your own time

Write your exam

Write your exam at the nearest examiners location

Proof of Training

Upon successful completion of the exam.

Classroom Option

In Calgary? We have a classroom version too

Get Results

Our students perform above average

Get started

Get started right now for free

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